The topic of the day is meal prep, which I believe to be critical to the success of any training/nutrition program.  If we don’t have healthy food readily available, chances are we end up eating whatever is fast and convenient and usually means it’s shit.  That saying is true for most people,”you can’t out-train a shitty diet”(and believe me, I’ve tried!).  I try to do meal prep twice per week, this makes it so my meals are fresh, and I don’t end up eating the same food for a whole week, over and over again.

Most importantly, for me, I need to actually enjoy the food I’m eating.  I like to get creative with meal prep so my food doesn’t become boring. Otherwise, I start making excuses for not eating my prepared food, and resort back to eating shitty food. Eat like shit, look like shit!  Plain and simple.  I try to always have a some different sauces and condiments made up that can add a ton of flavor (and nutrition) without being a caloric disaster.  I focus on eating lean proteins, godd quality carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables.

For proteins I like: Chicken, lean beef, pork tenderloin, fish and shellfish, eggs, game (venison, bison, etc..), lamb, and dairy.

As for carbohydrates  my go to’s are: red or sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain or sourdough bread, and quinoa.

For my fats, I try to get them from: olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

For fruits and vegetables, I try to go with whatever is in season, although, in a pinch, frozen fruits and veggies can be a time saver.

I will usually have at least 2 proteins, 2 carbohydrate options, and some veggies cooked off.  I keep a tub of salad greens to have a side of salad with some meals.  I also like to have a tub of greek yogurt and a good quality whey protein isolate on hand for a quick option.  This, for me, is where my fitness usually gets off track.  When I don’t eat healthy, I get tired, lazy, and unmotivated, and eventually start missing workouts as a result. I am currently working on a recipe section for the site, so stay tuned!