I have written my workout plan combining strength training with hypertrophy training (training for muscle size).  There are a couple reasons why I have decided to combine the two, aside from the obvious: Who the fuck doesn’t want to be bigger and stronger?

First, training for strength usually involves low reps with very heavy weight, anywhere from 1-6 reps per set.  Training with such heavy weight for extended periods of time can be taxing on the muscles and the joints. Hypertrophy Training is typically done in the 8-12 rep range. Training in this range for too long, I have found, can lead to plateaus in gains. So by combining the 2, I’m hoping to keep progressing in both strength, and muscular hypertrophy, while limiting my chances for injury and hitting a plateau in my muscle gains.

The second reason, relates to the great Arnold’s theory, that if you do the same thing over and over, your muscles will recognize and adapt to the workout and gains and progression can slow down.  With this in mind, I have decided that I will be working in different rep ranges every week.  For example, week one I will work out between the 10-12 rep range, week 2 I will increase the weight, but I will be working in the 6-8 rep range, week 3 the weight will increase again, and the rep range will drop to 3-5 reps, then repeat the whole cycle over.  This style of periodization is known as microcycles.

My training split will be as follows:

Day 1) chest, shoulders, triceps.

Day 2)biceps, back, abs

Day 3)active rest

Day 4) legs, calves

Day 5)active rest

Day 6) repeat

Week 1 I will be working in the 10-12 rep range, week 2 will be 6-8 reps, and week three will be 3-5 reps.  Week 4, I will go back to the 6-8 rep range which combines both strength, and hypertrophy. Week 5, will be back to 10-12 reps.  I will probably switch up all my exercises frequently, to keep my muscles from adapting to doing the same thing week, in and out. However, I will keep 1 exercise the same for each muscle group, as a marking guage for strength gains.

Day 1 starts tomorrow, and I will post the workout details then.