I woke up this morning hungover as fuck!  I mean, I really feel like ass.  This is a trend for me, every weekend all bets are off with my diet and training.  I eat like shit, drink a ton of beer (in my defense craft beer is really delicious), and pretty much erase any fitness progress I may have made during the week.  I’ve decided that I am no longer going to half-ass my fitness, and I have decided to commit to living a healthy lifestyle.  I am tired of mediocrity and I am tired of spending my weekends hungover on the couch, feeling like shit, eating pizza, and watching netflix in my sweat pants (and depending on how hungover I am, sometimes there isn’t even any pants at all!).  I am making the choice to commit to my health and fitness and stay consistant.

I feel like there are a lot of people like me, who struggle with consistancy when it comes to training and nutrition. Everybody has excuses, and I am no different. I work long hours, I’m a full-time father, dogowner, and now I’ve decided to write a fucking blog! But it is time to kill the excuses and stop taking the easy way out.

I’m not going at this completely blind- I am certified in fitness theory and exercise physiology, and also as a weight training instructor. I have also been cooking professionally for over 15 years, so I know how to make even healthy food taste pretty damn good.  I will post about my workouts, meal plans, and the supplements that I will be taking, and writing reviews about them.  I will also post recipes, and write about kitchen hacks to help you become more efficient with meal prep, and make you better overall in the kitchen.

So if you are like me and so many others out there who struggle with their fitness, then follow along. It should be fun, and a bit painful, but it is time to get to work! No more excuses. The struggle starts now.